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Committed to bringing Yoga to the wider community in Llangollen and the surrounding area



We believe that Yoga is for everybody. We offer mixed-ability classes, and complete beginners will be in safe hands. If you are more experienced, we will meet you in a deep and authentic practice.


Our vision is that everyone should be familiar with Yoga, have access to Yoga classes, and benefit physically, emotionally, and spiritually from the practice of Yoga. We are committed to bringing Yoga to you, where you live, work, and get together. We are there for people of all ages, and welcome your family members. We love teaching Yoga to children, and seniors, and offer ‘Seated Yoga’ for people with less mobility.

Yoga will help you to be easy in your body and calm in your mind. When your mind and your body are at ease, you have access to who you really are. You will like it - guaranteed!


If you’ve never tried Yoga before - this is for you!
If you think you’re not flexible enough - this is for you!
If you want to feel a bit better - this is for you!


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